Sunday, April 21, 2013

What this is all about...

Hello!  My name is Max Aleman, and welcome to my first blog entry (...and first blog ever!)!

A viola student at Ithaca College, I am creating this blog as an exposition of my independent study project research in the field of viola playing as it relates to the technique of the violin.  In essence, I hope that through this blog, you - the violinist crowd - find some useful considerations in your transition to viola playing (AKA the "dark side"), and for any other musician, I provide a clearer progression of where the violin/viola playing of today comes from.  Ultimately, this blog should be a teaching tool!!!

ENJOY!  You are forever now on the dark side!  Oh, and don't be offended by my violist martyrdom ;)



  1. Hello! Today, my high school director talked to a group of upcoming freshmen (including me). She said that the violin is very competitive , as the school is top-district and state qualified.I'm a current violinist wanting to transition to the viola for competitions reasons. I'm a really great sightreader and a fast learner, usually. How long do you think I'll be able to read and play viola music?