Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I actually read...

So you may be asking yourself what I actually read for this project...

I won't boast by telling you what I read because the Lord knows the violist never earns the right to boast...*coughing* 1,970 pages.  Yes I did calculate this, and yes I did inflate the number of pages with indexes and musical examples.


But really, without teaching experience beyond the high school level, I knew this project would be futile without a bulk of research on my side.  So, again, you may be asking yourself what I actually read for this project...

With the guidance of my project advisor (who is also my dear viola teacher here at IC, Debra Moree) I decided to read texts by/about four major violin pedagogues, and four major viola pedagogues.  Pedagogue names are in bold below...and that is Ms. M right there (what we call Moree affectionately)!

They include the following...

Readings by violin pedagogues:

  • Violin Playing As I Teach It - Leopold Auer
  • The Art of the Violin - Pierre Baillot
  • Art of Violin Playing, Book One - Carl Flesch
  • Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching - Ivan Galamian

Readings by/about Pedagogues of the Dark Side:

  • Playing the Viola - Conversations with William Primrose - David Dalton
  • My Viola and I - Lionel Tertis
  • Lillian Fuchs, First Lady of the Viola - Amedee Daryl Williams
  • Coordinated Effort: A Study of Karen Tuttle's Influence On Modern Viola Teaching - Matthew Dane

Lastly, I read Henry Barrett's viola resource guide The Viola.  Not so much a famous pedagogue, Barrett still provides violists with a good book containing useful and important considerations for the player and teacher in training.

Through this blog, I'll hopefully lead you to some of the same conclusions I've been led to through this reading.  But for now, just trust me (mwahaha)...


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